During Sony's E3 press conference, SCE president and group CEO Andrew House announced that Rockstar's critically acclaimed open-world action game is coming to PlayStation 4.

After a stylish trailer reintroducing players to Michael, Trevor, and Franklin (which was also comprised entirely of in-game footage), House announced that the PS4 version will feature enhancements over the last-gen versions of GTA V, and will release this Fall. Additionally, owners of the PS3 and 360 versions can copy over their progress to the PlayStation 4.We presume this is via the Rockstar Social Club, which would mean the same feature applies to the Xbox One and PC versions.

Perhaps the most important thing to note, however, was that House didn't mention any kind of exclusivity, timed or otherwise; immediately after the show, Rockstar announced that GTA V is also coming to Xbox One and PC this Fall as well.