During MIcrosoft's E3 press conference the team from CD Projekt Red took the stage to talk about the Witcher 3, and we're not going to complain about that.

Trained from birth to hunt monsters, witchers are deadly mutants who are fearsome combatants. The press conference demo starts about ten hours into the game when series' hero Geralt is hunting a griffin. Fortunately, witchers have heightened senses, and can perceive sound and visual cues better than the average bear.

Geralt notices a griffin hiding in the bushes, shoots him with a bolt, and the giant bird-like creature takes off. However, Geralt has wounded the beast and is able to follow its blood trail, tracking it across the countryside. Unfortunately, during his hunt, Geralt gets attacked by a bunch of bandits, and has to quickly dispatch them before moving on. After the bandits are down, a woman emerges from one of the tents and thanks Geralt for saving her. This is a good example of how the quest in The Witcher 3 can sometimes intersect. This woman is a herbalist who will give the player more quests, but in the meantime Geralt has a monster to catch.

It doesn't take long before Geralt finds his griffin and takes it down after a brutal fight where the hunter uses many spells and a powerful crossbow weapon. The finishing blow comes from a magically imbued sword. The demo ends with Gerault bringing the birds head into a town to claim his bounty. 

The game looks epic and we can't wait to see more of the title later this week.

Check out the new E3 trailer below: