The first demo of Assassin’s Creed Unity sees the introduction of new cooperative campaign multiplayer features.

The Microsoft Press Briefing today offered us our first official look at Assassin’s Creed Unity gameplay, and Ubisoft took the opportunity to show off the newly announced four-player campaign play. An attractive demo shows how the Assassins played a key role in the beginnings of the French Revolution.

The onstage demo sees the main character (Arnold Victor Dorian, spelling unconfirmed) moving through a section of Paris on the eve of the French Revolution. After moving through a lively crowd, the assassin enters a resplendent palace. 

What sets this moment apart is that as the main character enters the opulent building, he has a brotherhood of four players at his side. The four players work together to kill guards in stylish fashion, quickly moving through a well appointed interior until arriving at a crowded ballroom filled with royalty and well-dressed wealthy people.

As the crowd outside escalates, the upper floor window is breached, and the four assassins use this moment to leap down among the rich French men and women, where they make short work of any who oppose them.

The brief demo closes as the four assassins hone in on their Marquis target. He begs for his life, but they fling him out the window and to the mercy of the crowd. A grisly scene closes out this glimpse of the game, as the Marquis’ head is cut off and mounted on a pole. 

The name Assassin’s Creed unity makes a lot more sense now that the focus on four-player cooperative play has been revealed. We’ll have more info on Ubisoft’s next-gen exclusive AC game as it becomes available this week.