In a demo introduced with the some big promises, including the term "weaponized animals," we got our first look at Far Cry 4. The lead character, Ajay is high in the mountains, and uses a grappling hook and a wingsuit to get around the environment.

He comes upon an enemy patrol, using a crossbow to sneak through and silently remove some of the opposition. Once he decides to make his presence known, he straps some C4 to a gas barrel and kicks it down into a group of surprised (and soon to be toasty) foes.

After taking out a convoy, Ajay floats to the ground and calls in backup from Hurk, who joins the game atop a gyropcopter. The two take over an enemy fortress (similar to a Far Cry 4 outpost) with the help of an angry elephant.

Additionally, you can invite your PSN friends on PS3 or PS4, even if those friends don't own the game. This is a feature that is exclusive to PlayStation.

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