During Microsoft's E3 press conference, Lionhead Studio's game designer David Eckelberry took the stage to talk about the studio's upcoming Fable Legends.

Eckelberry welcomed showgowers to a place of magic, showing players Fable Legend's new hub town where friends can meet up and then go on quests together. We watched a group of heroes fighting a horde of Goblins. A mage turned some enemies into a icicles and then one of the other warriors shattered them with their blunt weapon. However, Lionhead wanted to develop more than just a co-op fable, and in this game players can also be the villain. The player playing the villain is able to place enemies, traps or spells on the battlefield, telling enemies to charge the heroes.

Who will win? The heroes or the villain? Players can their stills against their friends this fall when Lionhead releases the game's beta.