The new video discusses how astronauts visit Mars in the present day and discover the alien being called the Traveler, which results in a golden age for humanity. However, that golden age is disrupted by the arrival of the Traveler’s ancient enemy, the Darkness.

We were then treated to a lengthy montage of new gameplay footage that shows Bungie’s upcoming game, while a narration from Peter Dinklage plays in the background. We see a number of the cool environments and enemies that are on track for the game's release.

After the trailer, Andrew House announced that the alpha will be available this Thursday on PlayStation 4, that the beta will come first to PlayStation on July 17, and a new PS4 console bundle on September 9 when the game launches, which will include a month of PlayStation Plus.

[Update] Destiny will also get special armor, the Exodus map, and a mission to Mars as exclusives.