Battlefield: Hardline is an effort to expand the Battlefield universe to new worlds. It’s a cops vs criminals brawl focusing on teamplay, strategy, lots of vehicles, and destruction.

During the E3 2014, gameplay from a 32-player heist map showcased a massive cops vs criminal battle. Cars explode and overturn as the criminals try to escape with the loot on city streets, rocket launches demolish the environment, and gunplay is shown from out of cars and helicopters.

Zip ties are used to arrest a criminal for a non-lethal takedown. A giant fuel truck explodes and takes out half a city block. A construction crane smashes through buildings and debris flies everywhere - this is urban assault on an epic scale, with an over-the-top amount of destruction happening as a result of the conflict.

EA concluded the press conference by revealing that the beta of Battlefield: Hardline is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC . Pop in your copy of Battlefield 4, highlight the game on the PS4 menu, and you'll see a new option to download the beta.