Sony's seemingly always in limbo The Last Guardian encountered another cancelation rumor recently, but Sony is laughing it off.

The rumor originated with a story from IGN citing an internal source from Sony via IGN Russia, which stated the game had been announced as canceled internally at Sony.

Responding to the rumor, PlayStation software product development head Scott Rohde offered the following tweet and and tagged within it Sony president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida.

The Last Guardian has been in a state of seemingly permanent flux following its initial announcement. In 2011, GameStop pre-orders for the game began to disappear. In 2012, the trademark for The Last Guardian expired, but Sony offered reassurances. In September last year, Sony said it was waiting to reintroduce the game. Late last year the game's director apologized for the delay.

Even if the game does ultimately get cancelled, we'll always have this lovely short film.

[Source: @RohdeScott]


Our Take
At this point, I don't know who to believe. I would love to see The Last Guardian re-emerge, possibly as a PlayStation 4 title, but I also wouldn't be surprised to learn the game has been canceled. I hope it isn't, and I think Sony has proven it is willing to give the game literally all the time it needs to become the game we all want it to be. The game has lived at the top of my most-wanted list for years, but I am oddly in no rush to play it. I want Team Ico to take all the time they need, and then some.