Edmund McMillen, best known for co-creating Super Meat Boy, created and released a small web game as part of a recent 12 hour game jam.

The game, according to McMillen, is meant to offer a humorous caricature of what your future child will look like by typing in their name. You can enter any name though, or any word, to produce a strange face. McMillen collected a number of faces on his blog showcasing well-known indie game developers like creative partner Tommy Refenes (who submitted a total of 17 minutes worth of work to the project.), Phil Fish, and Jon Blow.

You can play the game yourself by heading here.

[Source: ImFacist.com, EdmundM]


Our Take
What is a game, really? Is Facist! one? I'm not sure, but it is certainly entertaining. Here's my picture according to Facist!