Every month I and thousands of others receive a certain package in the mail. In that package can be any number of cool, interesting, and downright geeky items. That package is called Loot Crate.

The theme for March was Attack on Titan and Titanfall while April was Game of Thrones and Skyrim. I’m actually looking at my mini Tyrion Lannister and Dovahkiin figurines here on my desk and I’m wearing my Titanfall shirt, all items from the Loot Crates. May’s theme was "adventure".

This month contained a number of sweet adventure-themed items. Inside the Jake the Dog tin we got a figurine of Cake the Cat (there's gotta be some irony there somewhere) and in the Minecraft bag is a figurine of Steve, the default character. The shirt is pretty neat as well; it's Link composed of various Legend of Zelda related terms. Also in the box is a Legend of Zelda bottle opener, a few pages of stickers, some temporary tattoos, and a soundtrack CD.

Month after month Loot Crate has sent consistently cool items that are sure to satisfy your inner nerd. If you want to learn more about Loot Crate or if you fancy getting yourself a subscription, check out their website here.