After a successful PlayStation 4 launch earlier this year, Klei's survival sim Don't Starve is making its way to Vita.

The Vita version will have a new subtitle, Giant Edition, and will include the the full Don't Starve game and its expansion Reign of Giants. Corey Rollins from Klei Entertainment wrote on the PlayStation blog regarding the announcement, "Since we first released Don’t Starve: Console Edition on PS4, a lot of people said they’d love to play it on the go with their Vita. Well, we agree!"

There is no release date for the game yet, but Klei says it will feature some Vita enhancements, like the ability to use the touch screen for menus, maps, items, and crafting, but sticking to buttons will always be an option. Along with the Vita announcement, Klei says it is also finalizing the Giants expansion for release on the PlayStation 4 soon.

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[Source: PlayStation blog]


Our Take
The Vita is generally my system of choice when I have the option, so I am happy to see Don't Starve is making it's way there.