Wii Sports was one of the most successful pack-in games of all time, becoming in many ways synonymous with the Wii console. The sports collection introduced players to motion controls, helping the Wii become the phenomenon that it was. Now, Nintendo is releasing HD remasters of the collection for Wii U, in Wii Sports Club.

Wii Sports Club includes HD versions of the original games: baseball, tennis, bowling, golf, and boxing. The additions include extras, too. For example, players set the GamePad on the ground for the golf game, where the ball appears on its screen. When players swing their Wii remote, the ball then appears on the TV screen, as though it had been thwacked with a club. The game also includes online support.

The collection will be available at retail for $39.99 on July 25, and as a download later this month, on June 26.