Jason Holtman was once the man at the top of PC gaming’s most powerful platform. He left Valve in February 2013 and ended up at Microsoft for a short stint. Now, he’s been hired to join a number of his former Valve colleagues at Oculus VR.

Holtman will serve as Oculus’ head of platform, where he’ll be in charge of business development and working in concert with the platform engineering and publishing teams. Part of his role will include partnerships, like the one we reported on earlier with Playful Corp.

Oculus has been on a hiring spree since its Facebook acquisition earlier this year. The company has snapped up a number of former Valve employees, including those that were working on that company’s own virtual reality efforts.

[Source: Oculus]


Our Take
The Oculus team has emphasized to us multiple times how important it will be to have software designed specifically for immersive, virtual reality experiences. In order to bring that together, Oculus will likely be managing its own distribution platform. Holtman has a great deal of experience in this area, making him a smart hire.