Attorneys representing uncompensated student-athletes in the case brought against Electronic Arts over their likeness are saying they are ready to approve a settlement.

This means the student-athletes who appeared in Electronic Arts college sports games without any compensation could be getting some overdue paychecks. According to law firm Hagens Berman, who is representing the student-athletes, depending on how things pan out, each student-athlete could receive up to $951 for each year they appeared in a video game.

Attorney Steve W. Berman wrote in a press release about the settlement, “We’re incredibly pleased with the results of this settlement and the opportunity to right a huge wrong enacted by the NCAA and EA against these players and their rights of publicity. We’ve fought against intense legal hurdles since filing this case in 2009 and to see this case come to fruition is a certain victory.” You can also see a video message from Hagens Berman covering the settlement by heading here.

For more details on the lawsuit, head here. For the full press release, head to page two.


Our Take
These student-athletes certainly deserve some compensation for appearance in assorted Electronic Arts college sports video games. They helped to sell the games, most of which have been incredibly successful.