Undead Labs has announced that State of Decay's second major piece of post-launch support is arriving today. Lifeline lets players see the zombie outbreak from the military's perspective, and it doesn't look as though things are much better on that side.

As Mike wrote in his hands-on preview, the DLC adds a host of new characters, gameplay tweaks, and, most importantly, a new map. Players can use new defenses around fortifications, such as minefields and explosive canisters. Since you're in the military, you can radio back to HQ to call in air support, but unless you keep salvaging military equipment in the world (while risking permadeath from zombies), supplies are limited.

Lifeline is available today on Steam and the Xbox Marketplace for $6.99.


Our Take
I'm going to be spending a big chunk of time playing this over the weekend, and I'll fire off some impressions next week. I'm excited about all the new addition – especially a new map – but I'm particularly stoked that trucks are actually useful, and they can carry loot. Finally!