Nintendo and Mercedes are having a synergistic moment today, with a cross-promotional ad campaign that merges the automotive and gaming worlds. A new Japanese TV marks the launch of the automaker's new GLA vehicle, with nods to classic Super Mario Bros. In addition to that, a tweaked version of the car will be appearing as DLC in Mario Kart 8.

As CVG notes, the Mario Kart promotion is currently only slated for Japan. A Nintendo UK spokesperson did leave the door open a crack, telling the site that Nintendo would be able to relay further information regarding the distribution of the DLC kart in the near future.

[Via CVG]


Our Take
It's a little jarring to see a real-world logo plastered on the front of a kart in Mario Kart, but racing games have been using – and bragging about – real-world cars in games for decades. If we can get used to vehicles shaped like caterpillars and karts that are driven by vest-wearing mushrooms, this shouldn't phase us for long.