DICE vice president and general manager Karl Magnus Troeddson has taken to Battlelog to put some fears to rest. With the earlier than planned announcement of Battlefield: Hardline, questions emerged about the impact on Battlefield 4.

“I want to be sure you all understand that introducing Hardline in no way means we’re done working on Battlefield 4. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Troeddson writes. “The Visceral team is leading the development of Hardline, while the DICE team continues to drive BF4. We are committed to giving you the best BF4 experience possible.”

Troeddson reiterates DICE’s promise of improved netcode along with unnamed new features. “The games we develop are services,” he says. “We focus on taking care of the games post launch, delivering new content to those of you who want it and always working hard to increase quality of play.”

Battlefield 4 has had a rough road since its October 2013 release, facing server problems and lag issues that most recently led DICE to install a “high performance server solution.” Users reported a significant decrease in lag-induced “rubber banding” following this.

[Source: Battlelog]


Our Take
Interest in Hardline among our readers has been high, and I think people are interested in the new format. I think they are equally excited that Visceral, and not DICE, is in the lead. The memories of Battlefield 4’s six months of problems are still fresh.