EA has posted (and subsequently removed) a story trailer for Battlefield: Hardline. The title, which was leaked via a Battlelog update yesterday and then confirmed last night by EA, is in development at Visceral Games and will focus on police instead of the military.

The narration on top of the video calls the game "Omaha" (likely an internal codename), meaning that this isn't the most recent footage, and elements may have changed. At the time this video was recorded, the setup for single-player was similar to a television show, with each chapter functioning like an episode. The story is focused on an officer named Nick Mendoza who is caught between crooked cops and a variety of criminals. Episodes have replay value and can be approached in multiple ways.

Gadgets play a big role, with police scanners and investigation part of the story. You'll also be able to use zip lines and find out if your suspects have outstanding warrants.

One of the actors from Infamous: Second Son, Travis Willngham who played Reggie Rowe, appears, though he isn't the lead. We were also able to pick out Eugene Byrd (Bones). Actors from Justified, The Americans, and House of Cards are also included according to EA.

Multiplayer includes elements like hostage rescue, heists (attacking/robbing or defending a vault), explosion filled car chases (called "hotwire") across open environments, and one-flag capture mode called bloodmoney that puts a stack of cash in place of the stars and stripes. All of the destruction players expect from Battlefield is on hand in urban settings and more remote locales.

We'll likely see more at E3, though this should give you an idea of what to expect from Battlefield: Hardline.

[Source: EA (since removed)]


Our Take
It's unfortunate that EA has made a series of errors that have forced their hand on Battlefield: Hardline. Still, this game looks like an interesting offshoot of the series. Given the problems with Battlefield 4 though, I'm hesitant to get overly excited (though the single-player concept has me very intrigued).