Recently, we ran a collection of reader discussions asking what you want to see from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony at E3. We've gathered up your feedback.


Unsurprisingly, the big call for Microsoft is for Halo. Microsoft did release a few Halo 5 details after posting our discussion, like its subtitle Guardians and the fact that it won't release until 2015, but mostly our readers just want to see it. They want to see what Halo will look like on Xbox One, even if they won't be playing it anytime soon. Even more so that Halo 5, however, were fans calling for a Halo 2 remake, like the recent Halo: Combat Evolved remake.

Other requests were unsurprising, like learning what's next for Mass Effect, Star Wars: Battlefront, the new Gears of War, and the hope for a Fable 4. No one seems particularly excited about Fable Legends. Other more surprising requests were calls for a new Viva Piñata, a Left 4 Dead 3, an Alan Wake sequel, and a Project Gotham Racing 5. There were also plenty of requests for new IP, as well.

Fallen5ky wrote, "I'd love to see backwards compatibility for@ least xbla and games on demand. Then again, I'd also like to win the lottery."

tstitan wrote, I am not sure of they were being sarcastic, "Malice 2, with Gwen Stefani reprising her role as the iconic heroine. Or Kameo 2." The first part I would happily pass on, but I actually wouldn't mind a Kameo 2.

Jack Mor eschewed the many Halo requests by writing, "A game that will blow my socks off and is not a shooter."

luke wrote, "$100 refund for those who turn in Kinect to Microsoft. That would be dope," after the news of the upcoming Xbox One without a Kinect.

Finally, Element0 called for a few games I didn't see many request for including Shadow Complex 2, Titanfall 2 with a full campaign, and Dark Souls 3.


Our readers want Zelda and Metroid from Nintendo, and are fully confident we will learn about at least the former at E3. It's unclear what's in store for Metroid, but readers know they want want to see a new entry. Other requests include a new Star Fox title, more details on X, a Majora's Mask remake or sequel, and there were also a few requests for a Wii U Super Mario RPG. Other games readers hope to see include Bad Fur Day 2, Chibi Robo, Pokémon Snap, Star Fox Adventures 2, a new EarthBound (or Mother if prefer), and finally, randomly, a new Faxanadu.

Of course, it wasn't all requests for sequels. Spiffrawr wrote, "I'd like to see them take a chance on a totally new IP."

forsakencrown wrote, "Something space related, but combining RPG and FPS elements. Oh yes that'd nice."

Not all comments were game-related regarding what they wanted from Nintendo. Thelonegamer69 wrote "How about an actual press conference!" NacMacFeegle wrote, "I just want Nintendo to stop selling its own consoles and make games for PS4, XB1 and PC instead." Finally, AshaMan3000 wrote, "I honestly don't know what I want from Nintendo," which is fairly representative of Nintendo's struggle to figure out what consumers really want.


Everyone wants The Last Guardian (myself included), Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts III details. Those latter two maybe be multi-platform, but people still relate them to Sony first. Other games readers want to see include a new Crash Bandicoot, a new PlayStation 4 Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, and Spyro (old-school Spryo – not Skylanders Spyro). Other hopes include a new IP from Guerilla Games, a sequel to Heavenly Sword, Dead Space 4, L.A. Noire 2, and Mafia 3. Someone also threw out Shenmue 3.

Outside of games, readers would like to see a PlayStation 4 price-drop, even a small one. Shokerslit wrote, "Shuhei is gonna run out on stage with the music from Rayman when you get 600 teensies and light a cannon and blast copies of The Last Guardian into the audience. Confirmed." I will be disappointed if this doesn't happen now.

keo528 wrote, "I wanna see an RPG I can't live with out. Mostly I just wanna see more of their hype videos. They have been so good this last year....dare I say better than Kevin Buttler. I also wanna see Jack Trenton make one last appearance, even if he already left." Darth Gannon wrote, "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3, or a Star Wars RPG of the same caliber. It has to be BioWare!"

Finally drp451983 left a comment I was surprised to see writing, "No more indies AAA THAT'S IT!!"

Anything else you wanted to add?