The prize pool for the annual Dota 2 championship event, The International, has risen above the $6 million mark and shows no sign of slowing down as we move toward the main event in July. This year the final days of the tournament will be taking place at KeyArena in Seattle WA, a shift in venue from the last few years to handle more attendees.

Dota 2 players directly contribute to the prize pool through the purchase of in-game Compendiums and Compendium point gems that provide player accounts with massive account boosts throughout the event as well as a wealth of cosmetic goodies.

Boosts and enhancements don’t alter gameplay, but the enhanced rate of battle point acquisition allows players to get cosmetic items faster. Valve has added some additional motivation for the Dota 2 community to keep pushing the prize pool up, as different game modes and perks will be unlocked for the entire playerbase to enjoy at various levels.