After just rolling out the May update for the console, Microsoft has announced what's coming in the June Xbox One update.

The big additions are support for external storage, and the ability to display your real name instead of just your gamertag, but there are other updates on the way, too. SmartGlass is receiving a large update, which makes the app look closer to your Xbox One dashboard. You will be able to receive notifications when friends start streaming on Twitch and you can quickly watch their stream on your tablet or phone. You will be able to re-arrange the pins on your dashboard using your SmartGlass. TV integration is getting a big SmartGlass update, too, with the ability to display the TV guide on the app. There will also be an added virtual universal remote.

This is also the update that will remove the Xbox Live Gold requirement for using apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Machinima.

External storage must meet a few requirements. Your USB drive must have a minimum of 256 GB available, must have USB 3.0 compatibility, and you must format the drive for use with your console. When you plug in the USB storage and set it up, the console automatically makes it your default storage and will send all your data there. once you reach capacity, it will start sending data to the internal hard drive. You can have up to two external USB storage devices.

Real name integration is under your control. You can select exactly who on your friends list can see your real name, or just set it so that everyone can see your name. Your followers will not be able to see your real name unless they become your friends and you give the okay.

Finally, the June update will also allow you to set the console to automatically sign in as one user whenever the console is turned on.

[Source: Xbox Wire]


Our Take
I am a big fan of the real name system in place on PlayStation 4 as I always forget who is attached to what screen names. I am happy this is on the way. I wish I could just switch out my Xbox One hard drive for something larger, but the option for external storage is welcome.