The state of the WWE is in flux right now. After a tumultuous and exciting WrestleMania season, the ultimate underdog Daniel Bryan walked out of the Showcase of the Immortals as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Today, he's recovering from last Thursday's neck surgery and the state of the Championship is unknown. As us fans sit around and worry about our champion being dethroned, we can take solace in the fact that WWE 2K15 will be arriving in its regular release window.

There had been some speculation about the game missing the holiday season, possibly being pushed back to be closer to WrestleMania XXXI. WWE 2K's Twitter account put those rumors to rest today, with a tweet that confirmed a 2014 release.

WWE 2K15 will launch on October 28 across last gen and new gen, marking the series' debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Our Take:
While WrestleMania season makes sense for a big game, it would probably hurt sales to skip on the lucrative holiday release season. I'm personally really excited to see what the team pulls together after very solid entries in the last two years. You can see what I'm hoping for in my recent Wish List for WWE 2K15