The 8-Bit Salute charity drive, which was meant to take place this weekend with help from developer Naughty Dog was crippled by a DDoS attack, so a make-up day has been assigned.

The 8-Bit Salute charity drive is a function of Operation Supply Drop, an organization that collects and distributes video games to soldiers around the world. 8-Bit Salute functions a bit like a gaming marathon where people play video games and collect donations, but the site was attacked by hackers this weekend, shutting down the website and preventing it from taking donations. Naughty Dog was participating in the charity by hosting a live stream on its channel.

As a result from the attack, Naughty Dog is planning another stream which will take place this weekend and is planning on giving away donations to the highest donators. You can find out more about the event by heading here.

This is the first time a charity event has been shut down by a DDoS attack. In November, Extra Life suffered a similar attack, limiting the amount of donations it was able to take for a certain period of time.

[Source: Naughty Dog, via Polygon]


Our Take
I don't understand who could possibly find pleasure in hurting a charity organization in this way. What purpose does it serve to limit the capabilities of a charity organization?