Did you change the look of your Shepard when you played Mass Effect 3? Following yesterday’s data about Mass Effect first name choices in different languages, we asked BioWare Edmonton and Montreal general manager Aaryn Flynn to share a bit more.

Only 50 percent of Mass Effect 3 players changed Shepard’s face, but it gets really interesting when you look at the gender breakdown. FemShep players prefer to customize by a wide margin, as 80 percent made a unique face for their character. 

Male Shepard players were a bit more humdrum. Only 42 percent changed the look of their characters. That’s consistent with the stat released by BioWare at PAX East 2013 that 82 percent of players chose to play as MaleShep.

The question is: what will you play in the next Mass Effect game, and will you be limited to choosing a human?


Our Take
I find player stats to be extremely interesting, whether its BioWare’s data or the information on choices in Telltale games. Keep ‘em coming, developers.