Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman Vs. Superman crossover flick isn't scheduled to hit movie theaters until May 6, 2016, but we're already getting our first look at it thanks to Snyder's Twitter feed. Today he tweeted out the first image of Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader. This shot also provides our second look at the Batmobile (the first look coming yesterday via Snyder's Twitter feed).

A few things to note here: This version of Batman is reminiscent in look to Frank Miller's take on the character in The Dark Knight Returns – a story that eventually pits an older Batman against Superman. Secondly, the Batmobile is once again a sleek car, and not a giant tumbling thing.

From the casting announcements, all signs point toward the Justice League forming in this film. Here's hoping Warner Bros. Interactive has similar plans for its future comic book games.