Even though she only starred in one Metal Gear Solid game (well, technically), The Boss is one of the most memorable characters in a franchise that's full of them. While she died at the hands of former apprentice Big Boss at the end of Snake Eater, her voice actress recently teased involvement with The Phantom Pain in recent tweets.

Below, you'll see a tweet from Lori Alan from April 30, in which she tags numerous members of The Phantom Pain's development team and voice over cast. Then, she answered a fan's question yesterday with what's seemingly a tease for an appearance in the game.


Could The Boss make a return in The Phantom Pain? It's a series that has brought characters back from the dead on numerous occasions, so it's not out of the question. We've already seen possible hallucinations of Volgin and Psycho Mantis in previous trailers. Could The Boss be another?

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Via: NeoGAF

Our Take:
I'm all for the character coming back, as she's one of my favorites. That said, we already had one fake-out return from The Boss in Peace Walker, so I'd prefer for it to be the real deal or nothing at all this time around.