EA hasn't shared Titanfall sales numbers as part of its year-end financial reporting, but we know that the publisher will be involved in the future of the franchise. "Through a multi-year publishing agreement, we’ll be working with Respawn to bring thrilling new experiences to players worldwide,” said CEO Andrew Wilson.

EA did mention that Titanfall was part of its better than expected success during the final quarter of the year. For more on the company's earnings and future, check out our additional coverage.

We've reached out to Respawn to find out if representatives are willing to share the sales numbers. 

Update: Respawn tells us that the numbers would be shared by EA were they to be disclosed to the public. EA says that the NPD report (physical sales in the United States only) amounted to approximately 1 million units. That does not include digital sales in the U.S. and worldwide sales in all formats.


Our Take
EA is clearly happy with Titanfall's performance, but more importantly, Respawn is satisfied with EA's work as a publisher.