Suda 51's spiritual successor to Killer 7 is coming to PC with a new subtitle later this month.

The game will be available on PC on May 23, and the Nightmare Edition subtitle adds a few new wrinkles. It includes the new Nightmare Mode difficulty where enemies can only be defeated using certain attacks, a Theater Mode which lets you re-watch cutscenes and find out more details about the assorted characters, and it will also include the Smooth Operator Pack, which has X-ray glasses, new outfits and beauties, and a new mission and boss.

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[Source: Steam, via NeoGAF, Destructoid]


Our Take
Between this, Dynasty Warriors 8, and Bandai Namco's upcoming free-to-play Rise of Incarnates, it seems Japanese developers are really starting to embrace Steam as a distribution platform. That's definitely a good thing.