It looks like Disney will be getting the jump on Activision this fall as the war of the toy-based games heats up. This year will see a new version of Disney Infinity with Marvel Super Heroes and a new Skylanders game that puts players in control of villains as well as heroes.

Activision announced last week that Skylanders will be out on October 5. Today, we’ve learned that Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will arrive in September.

The news comes via the official Disney Infinity webcast and executive producer John Vignocchi, whom we spoke with this week. Fast forward to 8:25 in the video above. This follows an earlier announcement and retraction that the game would arrive in August.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will include a number of playsets based on comic book characters. The first confirmed heroes and setting include the Avengers facing off against Loki and MODOK.

[Source: Disney Infinity via Joystiq]


Our Take
One of the things I’ve liked hearing from both Disney and Activision is that both are happy about the expanding toys-meets-digital space. There is enough interest in the genre to support both experiences, especially since the games offer very different types of play.