Dark Souls II is finally out on PC, but some users are reporting that are some problems praising the sun. Bandai Namco is aware and addressing the issues, though.

“We are aware of an issue some Dark Souls II PC players are having with the game upon start-up,” says a post on the game’s official Facebook page. “We have identified the issue, and the team is currently working towards a resolution.”

In the meantime, Bandai Namco and developer From Software have some workarounds that may help players experiencing difficulty. First line of troubleshooting is focused on video card tweaks. Other temporary solutions involve removing and reseating the HDMI cable, disabling multi-screen setups, and using third-party applications.

For the complete list of workarounds and steps, visit this post on the Steam forums. For more on Dark Souls II, check out our review of the PC version.


Our Take
No one likes to hear that an anticipated game is having issues, but Bandai Namco is communicating with the community well so far. We’ll stay on top of the issues and update with any changes or news.