If you're using your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One to watch television content through Hulu Plus, you've got a slick new interface option at your fingertips.

A new Hulu plus feature now lets you "cast" Hulu Plus streaming content from your phone to one of the compatible consoles (for some reason, Xbox 360 is not supported). As long as you're logged in to the same Hulu Plus account on your iOS or Android device and your console, you just have to hit an icon to instantly show what you're watching on your handheld device to your television. It's definitely preferable to the existing Hulu Plus console interfaces, and will allow for quicker selection and searching of content. Similar functionality has already been used for the Hulu Plus app on Google's Chromecast.

[Source: VentureBeat]


Our Take:
This is a great feature, and I hope more entertainment apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime adopt similar tech. However, what's up with leaving Xbox 360 owners in the cold?