Facebook is clear to go through with its purchase of Oculus following Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice approval. The $2 billion deal was announced on March 25.

On March 25, before the deal was announced, Facebook stock closed at $64.89. It opened today at $63.43 (-$1.46) and is down to $62.06 at the time of publication.

Oculus announced pre-orders for its motion-tracking equipped developer kit at GDC just a week before the Facebook announcement. We spoke with founder Palmer Luckey and CEO Brendan Iribe at GDC and then again following the acquisition disclosure.

[Source: Reuters]


Our Take
There was little doubt that the FTC and DOJ would approve the deal. For those hoping that this would be the safety valve to prevent the inevitable, it’s time to start getting used to a world where Facebook and Oculus are one and the same.