Nintendo is jumping into the season pass business with three course and character packs for Mario Golf: World Tour on 3DS. Nintendo says the retail game, which releases on May 2, carries the same amount of content as previous entries.

The $14.99 season pass delivers six new courses and four new characters over three packs. Each $5.99 pack (if purchased a la carte) offers two courses and a new character. 

The Mushroom pack opens up Toadette. The Flower pack gives players access to Nabbit. Rosalina comes with the Star pack. If you purchase the season pass or all three course packs individually, you unlock Gold Mario. He becomes available as soon as you buy the season pass.

This is Nintendo’s first foray into season passes, though third party games on its systems have featured them before. 


Our Take
Nintendo’s statement on the season pass is very carefully worded to assuage concern about content being removed to be sold as DLC. For what’s being offered, the $15 season pass seems reasonable.