The love for the Ace Attorney may be cooling down from the DS heyday, but the entries aren't stopping. This week's Famitsu shared some details about the newest entry in the series, Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Ryuunosuke Naruhodou no Bouken.  

The series next bout is set in Japan's Meiji era (1868 to 1912). Apparently players will be cast in the role of Phoenix Wright's ancestor, Ryuunosuke Naruhodo, a new character to the franchise.

Series creator Shu Takumi, who was unable to be heavily involved in Dual Destinies due to this commitment on Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, is back as director for the game.

Right now, no plans to release the game in North America have been announced.

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[Source: Gematsu]

[Note: image above is from Dual Destinies, not the new game]


Our Take
While it's still only a few minor details, it's exciting to see the franchise try out a different time period and focus on a new lead. The question is will  Ryuunosuke Naruhodo be as compelling as Phoenix Wright or even Apollo Justice? It'll be interesting to go into the game without having a deep connection to one of the leads. I'm sure Capcom will find a way to incorporate Wright and other references from the series, but it's not like it will be easy to throw in the well-established characters given the time period.  I'm also happy to see Takumi will have a much greater role in the new entry.