Zenimax Online Studios have disabled The Elder Scrolls Online's Guild Bank in North America and Europe.

News of the shutdown comes from The Elder Scrolls Online's official forums, where Zenimax Online does not clarify exactly why the Guild Bank has been disabled. The wide assumption is the closure is due to a bug that cropped up recently allowing players to copy items and sell them infinitely, which was surfaced earlier today by Reddit user Mistress-Rarity.

We've reached out Bethesda to learn more about Guild Bank's closure, and to find out if it is a result of the referenced bug. We will make sure to update this story if we hear a response.

[Source: The Elder Scrolls Online,  via Kotaku]


Our Take
The implications of this bug and Zenimax and Bethesda's response could have widespread negative effects on The Elder Scrolls Online's  economy. We don't know much at the moment, but action has clearly been taken to prevent further damage.