This week's mobile game linesup is very diverse and hold some real promise – especially Hitman: Go, Yomi, and Unpossible. Let's get to it.

Developer: Acceleroto
Platform: iOS
Price: $1.99

Like a combination between Super Hexagon and F-Zero GX, Unpossible tests how far you can go on the track without hitting anything. There are multiple difficulty modes, ranging from Zen mode where you can’t die to Ultra Unpossible, which sounds challenging to put it mildly. Unpossible purports to support both touch, tilt, and external controllers. I have to say, based on the video, Unpossible looks pretty awesome.

Dark Slash
Developer: Jason Saxon
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $0.99 on iOS, free on Google Play

Dark Slash is like Fruit Ninja but more violent. Instead of slashing fruit, you are slashing MEN. And it’s got pixel art, which is all the rage these days.

Hitman Go
Developer: Square Enix Montreal
Platform: iOS
Price: $4.99

Featuring a very original, impressive diorama-like art style, Hitman Go is turn-based puzzle game, where you do things Agent 47 would do: infiltrate well-guarded areas, put on disguises, and take out targets. Hitman Go looks like a mobile game that properly captures the essence of the Hitman franchise.

Bike Assault
Developer: Daniel Vilchez Carpio
Platform: iOS
Price: Free

Bike Assault is a very simple free game that gets included here because it looks great and sounds great. The goal is simple: shoot the armored truck as much as possible so wads of cash will fall out to collect. Avoid traffic and inconveniently placed oil spills to stay behind the truck to keep your high score going. It’s hard to say how fun the game will be, but the price point is right, and it really nails the look of an old school arcade game or SNES game.

Asphalt Rush
Developer: Digital Melody
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $0.99 on iOS, free on Google Play

Asphault Rush has a very unoriginal name with a very original gameplay mechanic. You may have thought this is a racing game, but no, it is a game about fixing potholes as fast as possible by tapping on them. By the looks of it, tapping on multiple potholes quickly enough will result in a combo, which can unlock special features.

Developer: Sirlin Games
Platform: iOS (iPad only)
Price: $9.99

Yomi is a fighting game in card form that already physically exists, and is now being ported to iPad. It is too complicated to write all the details in this blurb, but essentially each fighter gets a character card and a deck with poker values (2-9, Jack, Queen, King, Ace).

Each card in the deck is a combat card (attack, throw, block/dodge), where the numbered cards are regular moves, face cards are special moves, and Ace cards are super moves. The three types of moves function in a rock, paper, scissors fashion: attack beats throw, throw beats block/dodge, and block/dodge beats attack. Each turn opponents pick a card from their deck, put it face down, and then both players reveal his/her card simultaneously to see which card wins.

There’s more to it than that, but those are the basics. The game can be played either 1 v. 1 or 2 v. 2. Yomi has a pretty legitimate pedigree, as it was created by the lead designer of the downloadable game Street Fighter HD Remix.

The iPad version has ten characters, a tutorial, online play, replay functionality, leaderboards, and A.I. which the developers say can get pretty difficult. There is an online web version of the game at, and the developers promise cross-platform online play between the iPad and web versions of the game.