A recent tweet from Resogun developer Housemarque appears to be teasing local multiplayer in upcoming DLC.

The tweet in question, which you can see below, features two players with two separate PlayStation 4 controllers sitting side by side playing a game of Resogun as it is projected onto their faces. The text of the tweet reads, "First of many things to come," and uses the hashtag DLC.

Currently, Resogun only offers online co-op for multiplayer. For our review of Resogun, head here.

[Source: @Housemarque, via Joystiq]


Our Take
It's hard to imagine Resogun with local multiplayer without some sort of split-screen, which isn't what appears to be happening in the ambiguous image above. In any case, if local multiplayer is truly coming, I'm sure it will be a worthwhile addition. I'm just curious to see how it will be implemented.