Sony seems on track with its planned summer 2014 rollout for PlayStation Now. The service, which is now in beta on PlayStation 3, will be coming to some Sony televisions by June.

Sony has announced that its Bravia 4K sets will support the PlayStation Now service. Players will be able to stream content without an external device and use a DualShock 3 for control.

We sampled the PlayStation Now service at CES this January, but the server hosting the content was local. We have not yet had the opportunity to try the service as it will be delivered to end users.

[Source: Sony via Polygon]


Our Take
The good news about software updates on contemporary televisions is that Sony could potentially miss the June window without impeding the delivery of the hardware. It’s clear the company thinks it will be ready to roll by summer, but it probably has a parachute in case a beta reveals that more testing is required. I’m eager to test the service in real world conditions to see how it fares.