Update: Disney has posted a statement on the reports of an August release date for Disney Infinity 2.0. "In D23′s News Briefs published April 15, 2014, we erroneously reported about the launch of the next chapter of Disney Infinity," the statement reads. "This information was incorrect. More news about Disney Infinity will be shared on April 30, and we hope you will check back for that update."

Original Story:

In a since-removed statement on Disney’s website, the company has confirmed the release of Disney Infinity 2.0 for August of this year. Disney first introduced (but did not define) the “2.0” term in a teaser for Marvel figures.

The cached page was uncovered by Infinity Inquirer, and is viewable to all here. It stands to reason that Infinity 2.0 is a new retail product rather than an update. Figures unlock in-game animations and abilities, which are all coded into the original software.

The original Disney Infinity was released in August 2013 and included characters from Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, The Lone Ranger, Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean and more. A reveal of Infinity 2.0 is planned for the end of April. You can read our review of the original game here.

[Source: Disney (cached) via Infinity Inquirer, Eurogamer]


Our Take
Disney’s teaser would have been better without the undefined “2.0” label. While “Disney Infinity 2.0” is a descriptive name for a sequel product, in the age of digital updates, it could easily be confused with a software update rather than something wholly new. Here’s hoping the company clears up the confusion and lays out expectations for consumers soon.