The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile launched last week, and boy, did it have some big choices to tackle. We thought it'd be fun to reflect with the community about what we chose and why.

Bigby really had his hands full in A Crooked Mile; between dealing with a funeral and a fleeing suspect, the guy never got a breather - even when he got injured. As always, seeing how we come to decisions and our gut reactions is one of the highlights of Telltale's games. So, we're curious what did you do and why?

Note: Spoilers ahead for Episode 3. Do not look if you haven't played. 

The Choices

Did you interrupt Snow's eulogy? 

What place did you investigate first — The Trip Trap Bar, Crane's apartment, or Tweedle Dee or Dum's office?

If you encountered Fly Catcher, did you offer him a job?

Did you burn Greenleaf's tree?

Did you kill Tweedle Dum?

My Choices

- I didn't interrupt Snow's eulogy because I didn't want to upset her or cause more trouble.

I went to Crane's apartment first because I was worried that Bluebeard is in cahoots with Crane. I didn't want to give him the chance to tamper with evidence. 

- I didn't encounter Flycatcher because I decided to go to Trip Trap after Crane's. I have a feeling I would have offered him a job.

- I couldn't bring myself to burn Greenleaf's tree, even though it's what Snow wanted. I also offered her a job. Snow was letting her emotions dictate this decision, and I wanted to be logical. Greenleaf could be an asset in the future. Plus, she's a witch. Do you really want to burn bridges and get on her bad side?

- I couldn't kill Tweedle Dum. Snows face said it all. She was horrified about seeing me "wolf out" and I felt if I went there, I'd never be able to redeem myself. 

Interesting Stats

I looked at the PC version's stats to see which way the majority went and had some interesting takeaways. Some of the stats surprised me, like how many people actually killed Tweedle Dum. I expected Snow to have a great impact, where people wouldn't want to chance their relationship with her, but it turns out almost half of players on PC, 47.2 percent to be exact, killed Dum. Another choice that made me stop and think was burning Greenleaf's tree, especially since Snow as so adamant about it. But Snow didn't have a big impact on this choice like I expected either. The stats show that 81 percent left the tree alone. 

Don't forget to share your choices and insight in the comments below!