Over the weekend, Respawn announced the first $10 DLC for Titanfall. Today, game director Steve Fukuda has shared information on how the team will be updating the game between content drops.

Fukuda has broken down updates into three core categories. Minor tweaks and fixes, what Fukuda calls “tending the garden,” are where you’ll find weapon balance tweaks, challenge improvements, and minor scoring fixes (like the changes made to Hardpoint recently).

Convenience updates are small tweaks that make the game features a bit more user friendly. These include the upcoming ability to name custom loadouts and make weapon sets for different modes. You’ll also be able to filter challenges in different ways and review game scores in the lobby.

Infrastructure features include things like private matches (now in beta). You’ll also see elements related to competition, but Fukuda has only teased what this might entail.

There are new burn cards coming and the ability to put decals on your Titans (called “Nose Art”). There will also be new modes and variants. Outside of the paid map packs, all of these updates will be free. For more, visit our review of the Xbox One/PC versions and the Xbox 360 installment.

[Source: Titanfall]


Our Take
Before Titanfall’s launch, I identified the communication coming out of Respawn during the beta as one of the title’s strengths. This continues today with a level of openness we don’t always see from triple-A developers. The more players understand about where the game is going, the more likely they are to stick around and help foster a strong community.