Update: Ubisoft might not need to create new concept art for Beyond Good And Evil 2, because the original game's artwork looks pretty good.

Ubisoft told IGN that the piece of Jade concept art they showed during a recent live stream was actually art created during the original Beyond Good And Evil's development cycle, and was not a new design for the character.

However, this doesn't rule out the fact that the company is working on a new BG&E game. "Working on Rayman Legends was a nice, early holiday," series creator Michel Ancel said during the live stream. "So we are going to make serious games now. Beyond Good & Evil [is] a good candidate for making a real, serious game."


Original Story: Beyond Good And Evil 2 has been locked in development purgatory for several years, but that doesn't mean that the creator isn't still thinking about the game. During a recent Rayman Legends livestream and developer QA, series creator Michel Ancel gave viewers a glimpse at series protagonist Jade's newest design.

During a recent developer Q&A on YouTube, Michel Ancel suddenly threw a poster in front of the camera showing off Jade's holding some kind of sword. Unfortunately, Ancel didn't let slip any further details about the game.

Skip ahead to the 2:05min mark in the following video for a look at Jade's newest design.

Since it might be a while before we actually play this game, check out our wishlist for Beyond Good And Evil 2.


[Source: ‏@dhindes via Joystiq, IGN]


Our Take
As a fan of Beyond Good And Evil, I actually find this sort of frustrating. I like Jade's new sword-wielding design, but I have no confidence that this means Beyond Good And Evil 2 is any further along in development. If Ubisoft has something to share about the game, why don't they actually show us the game? Hopefully, this actually does mean that we'll see something about Beyond Good And Evil 2 soon, but I'm not holding my breath.