Across all multiplayer games, regardless of genre, what is your favorite multiplayer map? With new Titanfall DLC on the way adding new maps to the game, it makes us ponder some our favorites from other multiplayer games.

After a recent reader discussion where I talked about how much I miss Halo 2's online mode, it probably won't surprise anyone to learn I have fond memories of many Halo maps. I have a picture of Zanzibar above I really enjoy Midship, and there is always the fan-favorite Blood Gulch, but I think my favorite map of all time has to be Halo's Hang 'em High.

Of course, there are many, many other maps outside of the ones found in Halo. I am also a big fan of Super Smash Bros.'s Hyrule Temple stage and Goldeneye's Facility level, for example.

What are your favorites, but more importantly, which one stands above all the rest?