Sections of the office are still entranced by Dark Souls II, but with Game Informer’s official Dark Soul’s guru Daniel Tack at PAX East this weekend, how much success will they have? Probably not much, but at least the weather is finally nice enough where real life is no longing mimicking the dangers of harsh video game environments.

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I’ll be playing even more Dark Souls II. Does this game ever end? I finally beat the giant lava demon boss in Iron Keep, which Daniel says is only halfway through the game! I’ll also probably end up playing more Knights of Pen & Paper, which is a decidedly different RPG experience, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

Daniel Tack: I'm playing PAX all weekend.

Andrew Reiner: When I'm not at the zoo, I hope to be playing Dark Souls II. I'm still early into this adventure. I'm taking my time to far zones of souls, and level up my character and gear as much as I can. Unfortunately, Game Informer's Dark Souls II encyclopedia (also known as Daniel Tack) is at PAX East this week, and will not be around to give me useful tips. Damn you, Tack. Damn you!!!

Kyle Hilliard: This weekend I've got a review game I am working on, and TV to catch up on. The snow is finally gone from Minnesota, so I may even go outside.

Isaac Federspiel: My history with League of Legends started about four years ago, though I barely ever played and have been awful up until recently. A couple of weeks ago: something clicked, and now I’m full-blown addicted to League – and considerably less awful. I know I should play South Park and Hearthstone and InFamous, but I can’t imagine tearing myself from League to play something else. I’m a monster. 

Cameron Koch: I started playing Sleeping Dogs last weekend, and found it to be a surprisingly solid action title, even if the driving could be better. I expect I’ll spend some more time with it this weekend alongside finishing Shadowrun Returns, which while I enjoy, I cannot seem to play for more than an hour at a time.