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GTA Online Capture Creator Update Is Live With New Contest


Rockstar Games' has released the update that allows players to create capture jobs in GTA Online. It's also looking for the best new capture missions with a new contest.


With the new Capture Creator, you can make your own jobs with numerous variables, including vehicles, weapons, drop-off locations, and more. As always, Rockstar will be vetting the jobs and adding the best of them to the Rockstar Verified program.


If you make a new capture job this weekend, there's a chance that your mission will be chosen as one of the four best from the Capture Creator's inaugural weekend. If selected, you will win $1,000,000 in in-game currency, an in-game license plate that reads "CAPTURE," a spot on the verified jobs list, and the chance to be a part of a live Twitch stream were you join representatives from Rockstar games to explain and demonstrate your capture job.

Our Take:
GTA Online continues to grow, to Rockstar's credit. The Capture Creator should be a welcome addition to the open-world online game, as it will hopefully allow players to create more involved and compelling missions for others.