Some enterprising folks have created a mod that allows them to control an AR drone with an Oculus Rift. The mind boggles at the the creepy possibilities.

In video posted by YouTube use Diego Araos, you can see a very well-done demonstration of the technology. Using an AR Drone and an Oculus Rift, the user can effectively guide the drone in 3D space by simply tilting his head. He's also able to get a 3D live video feed from a camera on the drone (seen here as a doubled stereoscopic image). You can watch it below.

[Source: Diego Araos via The Verge]

Our Take:
The Oculus Rift seems to have spawned a nearly endless well of creativity from users. This head-steering drone interface appears to work pretty well and is an impressive feat of ingenuity. I'm sure people will soon figure out many creepy and/or illegal ways to use this groundbreaking technology.