PAX East 2014 starts tomorrow and gamers are anxiously awaiting what exciting new announcements the industry has in store. Until then, enjoy a handful of blogs posted by the community this week.

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Period Reviewed: March 31, 2014 – April 06, 2014
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Community Blogs:

The Disabled Gamers' Look Back: Gears Of War
As an advocate for video game accessibility, LetMeGetToACheckpoint posted a blog last week focusing on accessibility in Halo and returns this week with an evaluation of Gears of War.

4 Things That Can Make Most Every Game Better
It's been awhile since we've seen a list from thegodofwine7, but he's back with a short list of features he thinks can make any video game better. Read the proposals and see whether you agree or not.

Top Ten Headphone Wearers
We've witnessed all sorts of crazy top ten lists from the community and this one by The Destroyer spotlighting video game characters that wear headphones is among the most unique.

Where Are The Shadow Of The Colossus Type Games?
Shadow of The Colossus has pulled at the heartstrings of many with a story like no other. Refle18 wonders why after all these years we haven't seen more games like this classic.

Digital Rain
One of the greatest qualities of Game Informer's user blog section is the interesting topics community members find to write about. Case in point: this exceptional blog from Arkayde, concentrating on video games with rain.

Pokemon X & Y vs. My Wish List
LostButSeeking revisits a blog posted about a year ago, which focuses on some dream features for Pokemon X/Y, and whether the final game delivered them.

User Discussion – Part 5 (Season Finale)
Trenchmace and Red Queen close out the first season of their User Discussion feature that selects random members of the community and asks them to respond to various video game questions.

Top 10 Chess Pieces In Gaming
How xl9 continues to create completely unique and original top ten lists is a mystery, but this one focusing on chess games represented in video games was quite entertaining.

zombie's Anti-Perspective: Free-to-Play
Whether you are a fan of free-to-play (F2P) games or not, this persuasive piece by zombierecon provides an interesting perspective on the subject that might influence how you feel about them.

An Open Letter To Sucker Punch
Reception of Sucker Punch's latest installment of the Infamous series, Second Son, has been extremely positive. TimSedai (Ashaman3000) ranks among those pleased with the experience.

Community Reviews:

Oracle Of Ages: Another Superb Trip Through Time
Thomas Stensland takes a look at The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, one of two action-adventure games in The Legend of Zelda series originally released for the Game Boy Color.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode Two
John Wrek evaluates the second episode of the Burial At Sea downloadable content for Bioshock Infinite, and awards the DLC a respectable score of 8.5 out of 10.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review
New to the Metal Gear series, MXAGhost posts a compact review for the recently released Ground Zeroes, Konami's action-adventure stealth game that is also a prequel to Metal Gear Solid V.

Community Podcasts:

The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 35
Daniel, Jack, and Jeremy welcome guest host The Destroyer to the show, as the team discusses the art of making movies based on video games. Don't forget to comment for a chance to win a prize.

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Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:
"Many people think I named my daughter after a video game but king koopa is actually a family name." @laura_june