As games “grow up” they are becoming more than skilled jumping and accurate shooting simulators. We’ve been forced to broaden our definition of what a game is, and that leads us to wonder if everything we play, love, and laud needs to be “fun.”

With today’s announcement that The Last of Us is coming to PlayStation 4, I found myself wondering if it’s something I will rush to play again. I cast my vote for it to win our Game of the Year award – the storytelling had a profound impact on me, and the writing and acting are superb. But did I have “fun” playing The Last of Us? Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s a word I’d use to describe the experience.

Gone Home is another example of a game that told a compelling story that thrived upon its interactivity. But would you characterize it in the same way you would your favorite pick-up game, a shooter that gives you a thrill, or even an RPG like Skyrim in which you’ve spent hours developing a character?

Let us know what you think. Is fun crucial to your enjoyment of a game, or are there other reasons you pick up a controller?