Rockstar is getting ready to roll out the capture job creator for GTA Online later this week. To celebrate, the developer has cranked up the RP and GTA$ rewards for capture jobs right now.

The bonus is good on any of the official capture jobs, and Rockstar has some recommendations for players to try. You can hone your skills on the following jobs before Friday’s update lets you create your own:

  • Contend: Salty Snatch
  • GTA: All Abhorred
  • GTA: Field of Screams
  • Hold: Frieght Fight
  • Raid: High Road
  • Raid: Wargames

A new title update (1.12) is also available today. This brings a number of changes, including extra RP for liking or disliking content after you play it, calling lester to get police to ignore your criminal pursuits for a short time, and increased rewards for parachute, race, deathmatch, and last team standing (LTS) jobs.

[Source: Rockstar]


Our Take
This is a big week of updates for GTA Online, and Rockstar seems dedicated to continually refining the experience. Now, if they would just announce the game for PC and new-gen consoles…