An FAQ recently posted on the Wolfenstein: The New Order website reveals that beta access for the upcoming Doom will be limited to new-gen consoles and PC.

Doom beta access is being offered as a pre-order incentive for Wolfenstein: The New Order which is releasing on both previous- and new-gen consoles. Those who pre-order the game on PlayStation 3 will gain PlayStation 4 beta access, and Xbox 360 pre-order customers will get Xbox One beta access.

The FAQ also says that Xbox Live Gold is required to partake in the Xbox One version of the beta. PlayStation Plus, however, is not necessary to play the PlayStation 4 version.

Bethesda's Pete Hines confirmed to Polygon that the beta availability is not necessarily an indicator of what consoles Doom will release for saying, "[We are] simply confirming what platforms the Doom beta will be available on. Nothing more. We'll let folks know when we're ready to talk about what id is making."

[Source: Wolfenstein, via Videogamer, Polygon]


Our Take
Hines is being vague, but I would be surprised if Doom ended up on previous-gen consoles. This is no way a confirmation that Doom will only be for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but it seems like a pretty strong indicator.